Google Slides Templates

As a Google product, Google slides templates are gaining a lot of popularity. Google Slides is an excellent choice for collaborative presentation projects as it allows people to work on the document simultaneously. Use our aesthetic Google slides to make your presentation stand out. These pre-design cool google slide templates help you save time and create an engaging professional presentation. It is a web-based presentation platform that lets you create presentations and work with other team members. You can build beautiful and cool google slides from anywhere and access them from any browser.  Owing to Google Slides templates popularity, we have designed cool google slides and google presentation templates. Choose from various google slide templates to make a colorful, interactive, and engaging presentation in no time.


Why You Should Use Google Slides?

When it comes to presentation tools, Google Slides is the best in the market. The following are the primary advantages of using Google Slides as your business presentation tool:

Remote working

Google Slides is an excellent tool for preparing business presentations, particularly for remote workers. It is free of cost. Therefore it is ideal for everyone with fewer financial resources. This also means that it will not put pressure on your resources whether you operate a remote business. To make the most out of Google Slides, all you'll need is a free Google account.

No cost alternative

In contrast to more expensive competitors, Google Slides is free for those who have access to a Google account.

Real-time editing

While using Google Slides, the copy of one's presentation on the web is always up to current and up to date. It isn't even necessary to save each time separately.


Do you need to work with others in groups? Working in a team will never be an issue with Google Slides. Without worrying about their devices, one can share their presentations with those who have internet access.

Secure sharing

When granting access to others, one can assess the presentation and will also be able to make changes to their presentations. Others working on the document can watch, comment on, or edit the presentation depending on the type of sharing option chosen.

Version history

Google Slides has the option to automatically store the professional presentation, as well as retain a record of earlier versions of the presentation. Users may go back to a prior version of their presentation using the Version History function and even restore it.


Presentations can be imported into Google Slides from any other presentation software. One can also export their presentations to several alternatives for modifying them in their formats.

Professional features

Google Slides also has various professional presentation features for current formatting, slides, altering textual content, adding pictures, importing videos, and more.

Template availability

Another advantage of Google Slides is the variety of templates available from Google and third-party sellers such as Slideuplift.

Online publishing

Last but not least, Google Slides can publish presentations on the web. To share the presentation or embed it into any website, a secure link can be utilized.

How to work as a team in Google Slides?

If you create online presentations as part of a team, presentation collaboration is important to the way you work. With Google Slides presentation, real-time presentation sharing makes collaboration and teamwork easy.

Plus, you can control who accesses the online presentation and what changes they can make to it. Share your online presence through the Share with others dialog box is to type an email address into the People field. And you can control the level of presentation access your team member had.

One of the most popular ways for team members to collaborate on a presentation is through the Google slides Comments feature. To comment, select the text or object that you want to comment on and click the Comments button in the upper right. You can also open a Chat mode if you see that another team member is in the presentation at the same time as you.