Microsoft PowerPoint Templates

Preparing a presentation? Ensure your slides shine with the best Microsoft PowerPoint template designs to choose from. We provide you an excellent collection of Microsoft PowerPoint templates compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Office that will control your slides’ overall look and feel, ensure uniformity to impress your audience, and add a unique zing to your Presentations. Instead of wasting your time choosing the right font, design, and slides, you can jump-start creating your presentation with our pre-designed Microsoft PowerPoint themes and save many valuable hours. These templates are 100% customizable, neat, systematic, and have excellent graphics for you to use. No more stressing trying to design the perfect presentation template that is well-designed. Get the most related and suitable Microsoft PowerPoint templates in few simple clicks.

You can also check out our appealing and professional collection of professional PowerPoint Templates. Learn more about What Works Better For Presentations? Google Slides Or PowerPoint? by reading our 5 min blog.

How do you make good slides in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Best PowerPoint templates are those which can hold the audience's attention and engage the audience with the content. There are many elements that go into making the best powerpoint slides. Researches have shown that the use of shapes, colors, fonts, which are chief elements of vision science, matter in communicating ideas effectively. By applying the principles of vision science, you can make the best infographics to provide relatable and informative content. It is also proven that Infographics result in increased engagement as compared to other visual media. Learn about the principles of vision science to build the best business PowerPoint templates.

Where can I download free Microsoft PowerPoint presentation slides?

SlideUpLift has created a vast collection of free best PowerPoint templates for professionals to design their business presentations using our best PowerPoint templates. The collection includes templates related to project management, marketing, HR, finance, PowerPoint shapes, diagrams, and icons, and much more. Also, check out the Premium Collection of business presentation templates.

Can multiple users edit Microsoft PowerPoint at the same time?

Microsoft powerpoint is the most popular tool to create presentations. In the remote working environment, you need a presentation tool to collaborate with your working team. Microsoft powerpoint allows you to collaborate on a presentation with your team at the same time. For this, you have to save your presentation to OneDrive or SharePoint in Microsoft 365. And all users need to be using PowerPoint 2010 or later and for Windows PowerPoint 2016 for Mac or later.

Can I apply the same design to all the slides in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Yes. Microsoft Powerpoint templates are designed to give a consistent look to your presentations. If you want to apply the same design to all slides in presentations them you have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Design tab, and choose your theme(To reveal more options, click the More button).
  2. Right-click on the slide you like and select the option Apply to All Slides.

Learn how to create a Microsoft powerpoint template.

What is design ideas in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Design Ideas is a feature of PowerPoint 365 that suggests professional design ideas by examining your slide’s contents. After adding a piece of content, design ideas work in the background to offer you different design options. You can manually activate it by clicking Design > Design Ideas.