Customer Journey Map Templates

We provide a creative collection of Customer Journey Map templates and Customer Journey Diagrams that are widely used by entrepreneurs, marketing managers, and product managers to help tell the story of their customer’s experience. User Journey Map templates can be shown in different creative ways to show your customers’ experiences and emotions through each touchpoint with the brand. We offer you the best business templates that help you showcase your user journey map in a business presentation. These PowerPoint templates are fully customizable and compatible with both MS PowerPoint and Google Slides. Our collection covers several journey map templates like customer journey roadmap, online journey templates, purchase cycle, and much more.   

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What Is A Customer Journey Map?

A customer journey map is a visual representation of the key highlights of a customer's experience with a company, product or service. A journey map documents a buyer's first interaction with the brand to their entire journey of becoming a customer.

Why Are Customer Journey Maps Important?

Customer Journey Maps are important because of the various benefits they contribute to the growth and enhancement of a brand. They provide valuable insights that pinpoint a customer's pain points and help you understand what they want.

Customer Journey Maps provoke the brands to step into their buyer's shoes and see themselves from the buyer's perspective. This helps them clearly understand the gap between customers expectations and experiences.

Therefore, documenting customer insights carefully is important to improve customer satisfaction and brand performance in the market.

What Are The Different Uses Of Customer Journey Maps?

Customer Journey Maps can be used to:

  • Analyze a customers interaction with your business
  • Identify opportunities to develop an emotional connection between the customers and the brand
  • Understand if a customers needs at different stages of buying funnel are fulfilled
  • Concentrate on developing strategic priorities to maximize sales efficiency

How Do You Create A Customer Journey Map In PowerPoint?

Creating a customer journey map in PowerPoint is a time-consuming process and requires advanced PowerPoint skills. You can use the auto shapes of the PowerPoint in the home section, edit and customize them to create an effective customer journey map.

What Are The 7 Steps To Map The Customer Journey?

Here the 7 steps to effectively map the customer journey:

  • Collect data from your customers
  • Define your personas and their goals
  • Define different stages of your customer journey
  • Specify your customer actions, thinking, and emotions
  • Define key highlights and pain points of your brand
  • Write down the opportunities for improvement
  • Prioritize and execute changes

How Do You Analyze A User Journey?

You can analyze your user journey in different ways:

  • Look for points in the journey where customer expectations are not met.
  • Identify any unnecessary touchpoints.
  • Identify the low points in the journey.
  • In your journey map, provide time durations for the major stages of the journey and then evaluate time spent.
  • Identify points where expectations are met or exceeded.

What Are The Four Different Types Of Journey Maps?

Current state: These journey maps show what your customers do and feel as they interact with your brand today.

Future state: These journey maps show what your customers will do and feel as they interact with your brand at some point in the future.

Blueprint: Journey blueprints can help you identify and examine the root causes of existing customer pain points.

Day in the life: These maps highlight existing pain points in people's lives, they are best suited for driving innovation through addressing unmet customer needs.

What Is The Difference Between Customer Experience And Customer Journey?

The customer journey is the representation of the touchpoints your customer engages with your brand. It is a visual interpretation of customers relationships with your organization, service, or brand over time and across different channels. However, customer experience is how your customers feel about the whole process. The customer experience dives much deeper into each touchpoint and uncovers the and the whole experience and emotions of each touchpoint and the transitions in between.

What Are The Touchpoints In Customer Journey Mapping?

A touchpoint is where your customers interact with your brand (physically or digitally) that might change the way your customer feels about your brand, product, or service. Developing an understanding of each touchpoint in your customers journey means that you can design better customer experiences. Improving touchpoints that are within your control can help you improve those that are outside of your control too.