Process Flow Chart Templates

A Process Flow Diagram is a type of flowchart that depicts the relationships between major components in a business process. It is basically used to document a process, improve a process, or create a new one. Depending on where it is used, it may also be called a Process Flow Chart, Block Flow Diagram, Schematic Flow Diagram, or System Diagram. A series of notations and symbols are used to depict a process in these process flow diagrams.
We provide an extensive collection of Process Flow Chart Templates and Process Diagram Templates to help you present your business processes effectively in a presentation. The collection includes 100% editable process flow chart diagram templates ranging from cyclic to horizontal and vertical process templates. A process flow chart template can be represented using various types of diagrams and shapes like – Circular, Chevron, Gantt Chart, Flow Chart, Marketing Funnel Diagrams, Arrows, and many more. Also, a process can be showcased either in 2 steps, 3 steps, 4 steps, 5 steps, 6 steps, 7 steps, 8 steps, or more. With our vast collection of Flowchart templates, we offer you all types of flowcharts and process flow ppt to fulfill your every presentation need.

Check out our blog PowerPoint Flowchart on creating a flowchart diagram in PowerPoint.Here is a Free Process Flow Template for you to try.


What Is A Process Flow Template?

A Process Flow Template is an essential tool that helps in visually representing the steps involved in a business process in a presentation. These types of PowerPoint templates allow a user to showcase the following in an organized way:

  • Inputs or requests for data
  • Products or other deliverables such as - tasks, milestones, etc
  • Steps involved to satisfy that request
  • Output generated by the organization

Why Use Process Flow Templates?

A Process Flow Template serves multiple purposes and benefits in the business world. These templates are typically used to:

  • Create an effective process flow chart of a business process
  • Strategize a process for maximum efficiency and ROI/li>
  • Analyze a business process to understand inefficient steps in a process

Where Can Process Flow Templates Be Used?

A Process Flow Template can be used to demonstrate multiple business processes of an organization For example, a process flow template can be used to:

  • Show continuous improvement process flow
  • Plan specific sales processes
  • Outline the hiring process of a company
  • Illustrate a customers journey
  • Present AIDA marketing framework, etc

What Should Be Included In A Process Flow Diagram?

A process flow diagram generally includes a

  • A sequence of actions and events,
  • Elements entering or leaving the process (inputs and outputs),
  • Shapes and Symbols to show decisions to be made for the process to continue,
  • External factors, if any,
  • The time required at each step and/or process measurements.

What Is The Purpose Of A Process Flow Diagram?

The process flow diagram is a visual representation of a business process or any workflow. Therefore,

  • It helps to develop a clear understanding of how a process is executed.
  • It helps to identify the improvement areas in the process.
  • It is easier to communicate or showcase the complex workflow or a process.
  • It is easier to document the complex workflow or business process in detail.

What Is The Business Process Flow Diagram?

A business process diagram is a graphical representation of one of your core business processes. It shows what happens as data passes from one task to the next until it is completed. Your business process flow diagram can quickly show the sequence of tasks if they are conditional if they are done simultaneously, if they are a system task, or assigned to an employee.

Does A Process Flow Diagram Give The Schematic Representation Of A Process?

Yes, a process flow diagram gives the schematic representation of a process. It is a visual representation of business processes, including steps, workflows, decision points, etc.